• Erik Birdwell

    Erik Birdwell

    He's not a villain, he's a SUPER villain.
  • Ethan Gautreau

    Ethan Gautreau

    He has a belly button. It shoots fire.
  • Fallon Crochet

    Fallon Crochet

    She wasted her shared immortality with her cat.
  • Joseph Diaz

    Joseph Diaz

    He never kids about pants.
  • Jude


    She is way too busy to deal with your bullshit.
  • Shannon Kenast

    Shannon Kenast

    She already made a decision on where to get food today, she doesn't want to make two!
  • Tarissa Rysand

    Tarissa Rysand

    The cheeriest trained killer you'll ever meet.
  • Trevor Ryland

    Trevor Ryland

    He doesn't have a lot of things, and now, he doesn't even have ginger ale.