Crowe's Hunters

Crowe’s Hunters are a group of humans that are dedicated to burning a light in the darkness. Fed up with supernaturals and all associated activities ruining the lives of normal humans, they’re a vigilante group devoted to hunting down and disposing of supernaturals that use their powers to oppress..

Armed with an arsenal that rivals most small countries and an intelligence network that spans the city, the Hunters are well connected, well armed, and well trained. Guerrilla tactics and hit-and-run raids are the norm, often with jury-rigged distractions and truly impressive improvisations. Calling them a terrorist group may not be too out of line, but their confinement to supernatural targets with long rap sheets and plenty of accusations. They are rarely subtle and though they always hit supernaturals, they’re not so good at limiting the damage they do. Their exact body count is impossible to determine – what the news reports as dead humans are often anything but.

They are lead by the eponymous Crowe, a man rumored to be charitable, welcoming, charismatic, and ruthless beyond all rumor. No one knows why – he apparently just shakes his head anytime someone asks, but he also gently rubs a small necklace around his neck.

His second in command is a woman named Ciaphas, real name unknown. With blonde hair, fierce blue eyes, and a serious personality to compliment Crowe’s more father-like one, she’s everything a second needs to be.

Crowe's Hunters

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