This New Orleans is host to a whole wonderful series of allies groups within the city. Some of them have existed for decades, even centuries – others have sprung up relatively recently. All of them have power in some form or fashion, and all of them want different things.

Good luck.

The Library – An organization devoted to the control and storage of all knowledge in the universe. The New Orleans branch is only one part of a worldwide organization that wields considerable influence and power. They believe that knowledge is power, and humanity should be kept in the dark until it is ready. See Setting Notes.
The Revisionists – An organization devoted to exposing and tearing down the Library. Fights through primarily electronic and social warfare, but physical attacks are not missing from their playbook. They believe that all information should be free, and it is up to the world to use it as it will.
The Cogs – A cult devoted to the God-Machine. “Cogs” is the unofficial name for them, as they have not given themselves a name. Made up primarily of humans and supernaturals brainwashed to advance his schemes, very few Cogs consciously know they are Cogs. Many are sleeper agents, used once or twice and then discarded – permanently or not. Leadership exists, but is unknown. They are known to work with angels.
The Demons – A group made and lead by ‘demons’, former angels of the God-Machine who fell from his grace for reasons they do not frequently discuss. Humans and supernaturals who have had a brush with the God-Machine are quick to join, terrified of his influence and willing to do what it takes to weaken it – or perhaps they merely want revenge.
Crowe’s Hunters – A group of humans devoted to policing the supernatural, enacting vigilante justice if necessary. Known for extreme methods, but they do have a few notable victories to their name.

Other groups to keep an eye on:

The Gangs – New Orleans is home to gangs as is any large city, and though they rarely get involved with the above listed groups, they still have territory and can prove to be quite the thorn in one’s side should you draw their ire.
The Cops – New Orleans’ Finest vary wildly from fine, upstanding police officers to corrupt, racist assholes. Finding the in-between can be difficult. Like it or not, they’re here to allegedly serve the public (and their own interests), and making enemies of them can be dangerous. On the other hand, they can be valuable allies.


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