The Revisionists

Opposed to the Library on principal, the Revisionists are a clandestine organization that fights the efforts of the Library at every turn. Masters of electronic and social warfare, the Revisionists members are unknown except by their pseudonyms. Responsible for nearly all attacks against the Library since the dawn of the computer age, the organization has existed long before – their methods were simply different back then. They’re also far from limited to electronic fighting, as more than one Library branch has been exploded, though these events are very rare.

On the social front, those with influence in the modern world fight back against Library-backed legislation or efforts, using their same “could be you” image that the Library has to stymie the efforts of known Library personnel. An Obfuscator could be blocked by red tape from a higher up, or a Keeper constantly given the run-around when trying to secure funding, for instance. They wage a constant, secret war against the keepers of knowledge, as they believe that all knowledge should be free, and the world must decide for themselves how to handle it.

Several Library personnel have defected to the Revisionists, including one well-beloved Keeper, so whatever recruitment tactics they have are clearly working. They seek out those who have been disturbed, slighted, or ruined by the Library’s actions, such as scientists who had their research seized or people who have had family go missing or been injured due to Library raids or firefights.

Little is known of their leadership, but the entire organization is apparently overwatched by someone known as Ocean. Very little is known about them, but what is known is enough to make the Library wary.

The symbol of the Revisionists is a burning book.

The Revisionists

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