Character Creation

We will be using the FATE Core system.


So, why FATE instead of World of Darkness? There are several reasons for this:

  1. I like it
  2. Shut up

But seriously though:

  1. The World of Darkness is a huge, sprawling, incredibly dense universe that, while detailed in good ways, has many parts that I do not know enough about to run a fully pan-splat game.
  2. I would rather create a new setting that allows everyone more freedom: I get to mess with it as I see fit, and you guys can go fully hog-wild with your concepts.

What will be different?

Well, for one, we’re no longer using the World of Darkness setting, so anything setting-specific is out the window,

Now, this doesn’t meant that it is completely gone. You’re welcome to take inspiration for your character from WoD splats or establishments, as this will still ostensibly be a modern times game with magical/supernatural elements.

It also means you’re not limited to the templates provided by the World of Darkness. You are given free reign to implement whatever supernatural/supernaturalesque thing you like. Talk to me, we can figure out how it works within the new setting.

Example Concepts

For those of you paralyzed by choice, here’s some defaults to start you off:

  • Werewolf – your classic therianthropes. Shapeshifters that can transform for a variety of effects, werewolves are the most represented among them. Beasts of tooth and claw, fury and wrath, they are typically characterized by their ever-burning rage. Those that can temper the boiling anger are the most feared among them.
  • Mage – sorcerers supreme. Able to rewrite the laws of reality at will, mages tap into a variety of power sources to make their dreams reality. They break the rules of normal magic use and use themselves as a channel, creating powerful effects but risking more should it fail – rewriting the rules of the universe is fraught with perils unique, after all.
    • Noble – magically-natured humans. Powered by the light within their souls and going up against the forces of Darkness and decay, they fight not because they should, but because they must. A subset of mages, they trade away increased power and variety for a more focused, safe power set.
  • Vampire – bloodsuckers…or are they? No, they are. Cursed with ageless immortality, they must constantly feed on blood to maintain their youthful appearance, or the monster they have become will reveal itself to all. Their curse is also their gift – immortality brings knowledge and social graces, making them dangerous beyond the obvious.
  • Sin-Eaten – dead no longer. Occasionally, when someone dies, they are brought back by a spirit with dubious intentions. They are bonded at the deepest levels with that spirit, and with that spirit come a second chance and nifty abilities. Be warned, though: death is not friendly to the mind, and there are those agents who exist to enforce the laws of life and death.
  • Genius – mad scientists. Gifted (or cursed) with visions of incredible devices, they build impossible machines to prove unfathomable theories – theories that defy every known law of the universe. With genius comes madness, and more than one has been known to throw away ethics in favor of pushing humanity as far as it can go – and farther still.
  • Changelings – fey-touched. Kidnapped by those demonic masters of chaos and kept as a slave for a length of time, they have escaped and returned to the human world. Their experiences have haunted and scarred them, though, and if they aren’t careful they will end up turning into the very creatures that once held them captive. Their magic is strange and eccentric, esoteric in use but incredibly effective when used correctly, and is powered by the spark of madness that resides in all fey.
  • Demon – fallen angels. Once servants of a divine being, now cast down from grace for the sin of being human, they hide among the masses. Their erstwhile allies are ever vigilant to find and capture them, and so they eke out a living while working perpetually against the being they once served. Their “magic” is almost anything but, as it is more a series of hacks for the universe’s source code than true world-altering magic.
  • Hunter – humanity’s army. Whether armed to the teeth or enhanced with magic, these humans are ready to take back the world from the supernaturals that toy with it. Invisible until they reveal themselves, Hunters (working solo or in groups) rely on good, old-fashioned human ingenuity to keep the world safe. Also, guns. Lots of guns.
  • Augments – better than you. Or, normal you. Magically enhanced beings or cybernetically boosted creatures, they are faster, stronger, smarter, and usually just plain better than your average joe. Just how much better, and for what purpose they were made better, varies wildly from augment to augment.

FATE Creation

  • Follow the rules in the FATE Accelerated part for making your three freebie aspects. For all other creation parts, follow the FATE Core rules.
    • Aspect choices: Think of your connections to other people, of your strengths and weaknesses, of your allies and enemies. If you want to leave one or two spots blank until you establish yourself in the game, that’s fine! Feel free to do so, they can always be filled in later.
    • One of your aspects will very likely be related to your supernatural side, if it isn’t also included in your high concept.
    • If you need help, there’s a whole section on how to make good aspects.
  • Magic/supernatural systems are detailed under the Custom Systems page.
  • Everyone has 4 Refresh to start. Stunts are always fun.
  • Skill revisions! Check them out at Skills.
    • Due to the increased skill list (and likely fact that many of your power/magic systems will require investment in yet another skill), everyone gets 1 more +1 skill.

Example Characters (from other games)

Xue Rushuna
High Concept: Intelligent, Aberrant Elven Gunsmith/Historian
Trouble: The Only Good Kazuki Is A Dead Kazuki
Aspect 1: Of Course I Can Craft It, Idiot
Aspect 2: Setsuna’s Chosen, For Better Or Worse
Aspect 3: Part Of An Ancient, Endangered Species

Ada Hopper
High Concept: Teenage Athlete By Day, Shield-Bearing Magical Girl By Night
Trouble: Soft-Spoken Doormat
Aspect 1: The Pursuit Of Knowledge Will Save The World
Aspect 2: Bound By Fate As Eli’s Protector
Aspect 3: Socially Outcast Is Where I Belong

Astrid Rondache
High Concept: Rage-fueled Magical Girl Swordswoman
Trouble: Do What Must Be Done
Aspect 1: The Darkness Must Die, No Exceptions
Aspect 2: The Big Easy Ain’t So Easy To Grow Up In
Aspect 3: One-Woman Wrecking Crew

Character Creation

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