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  1. Create yourself as a nWoD Mortal character, following the rules in the book. Be as accurate as possible. Feel free to ask others for review.
  2. Decide upon a supernatural template to eventually apply, from the following list:
  • Vampire – The classic bloodsuckers, now with more intrigue! Hope you like politics.
  • Werewolf – Guardians of the worlds, forsaken for the sins of the fathers. Good hunting.
  • Changeling – You got taken away by a Fae who made you his/her/its plaything. Now you’re back, and you came back oh so very wrong. Don’t look behind.
  • Sin-Eater – You died. Then, you un-died, thanks to the ghost (?) that lives in your head. Now what?
  • Mage – You can use magic! Also, everyone else kind of hates you. Also also, non-reality wants to take over, and each day the Abyss grows wider. Good luck!
  • Hunter – Those things that go bump in the night are real, and you know about them. It’s time to fight back and reclaim what’s ours. Here’s a gun with anti-vampire bullets. Inherit the earth.
  • Genius – You always were a rulebreaker, but now you can do things that no one has ever seen. You’re a mad scientist, desperately trying to contain the mad part. Build your future.
  • Princess – A soul reincarnated, you have the power to change the world – but power comes at a price. You can’t save everyone, and the world’s demands may prove to be too much. Never lose hope.

3. Session Zero (or private sessions) will play out, then you will assume your new personage.
4. Remake your sheet with the new template, preserving as much of your old self as possible. You can reassign any dots as necessary, and you gain an additional 4 dots to assign to Merits only.

Other stuff:
In this universe, the New World of Darkness system never existed – but the Old World did. Sadly, it proved unpopular, and White Wolf went out of business.

Opening: Seven Nation Army
Closing: The Sunlit Lands

  • Pilot (1×01): Save Our City
  • 1×02: Pursuing My True Self
  • 1×03: Goodbye Mr A
  • 1×04: Monster
  • Midseason (1×05): Let’s See How Far We’ve Come
  • 1×06: The Hounds
  • 1×07: Human After All
  • 1×08: TBA
  • Season Finale (1×09): TBA

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